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Working at Josh’s Place is both a privilege and an honor. Being retired from business allows me to devote myself to the Individuals we serve and I believe the most penetrating dynamic we can nurture is creativity.
Creativity is the fundamental building block within the human spirit that makes every person both special and different. The people we serve have those same building blocks… inspire them to reach for the stars. Reach.

WalkerDSP Superstar

Josh’s place has been an inspiration to me.  As an employee of Josh’s place I have the privilege of providing support my clients need in their everyday lives. I enjoy watching my clients strive towards their goals and achieve their dreams.  Josh’s place provides the tools for their staff to help their clients to continue to grow. Josh’s place provides a wonderful home environment for their clients. I am proud to be a part of the Josh’s place team!

BrainerdDSP Superstar

I talked to Tony yesterday about the things he likes at Josh’s Place. While he did not write a paragraph, he said that he really likes the staff. I think that he meant that they did more to interact with residents, rather than just have them sit in their rooms. He also said that he liked the variety of activities. He feels like he can go almost anywhere that he wants to—within reason, of course. He likes the owners because they talk with him and make him feel important.

As a parent, guardian, we feel like the staff has a very positive attitude toward the residents. They seem to be very creative in getting the guys out of their rooms and interacting in the community.   The communication between the staff and parents is wonderful. When we have a question or concern the follow up is very quick.

Doris and Tom

Josh’s Place has been instrumental in meeting the goals that we have set for our son. The caring environment that it represents has allowed him to lose the necessary weight that assists in managing his diabetes and makes it easy for him to exercise (and enjoy it). They have been outstanding in supporting his individual tastes in music, active social life and their willingness to be so very flexible, when at the last minute all plans change.

Margie & Curt

Josh’s Place is a wonderful place to work at!  Josh’s Place is the most person focused company I have had the pleasure to work for.  Each person is thought of as a VIP, and their hopes and dreams are truly focused upon. 

From a staff person’s point of view, Josh’s Place is a tremendous employer!  They offer a competitive wage, PTO for full and part time employees, educational reimbursement, medical reimbursement to mention a few wonderful items.  Josh’s Place is very focused on being family friendly and understanding the need to provide balance for home and work life.  They offer a very flexible schedule for all employees.  One of the best things about Josh’s Place from an employee’s point of view is their willingness to listen to questions and concerns and offer solutions for these questions and concerns. 

BrainerdPM Superstar

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