Disability support - focusing on the whole person.


From group homes to community supported services, Josh's Place provides holistic disabilities care throughout Minnesota.


What We Do


Foster Care & Supported Living Services

Sometimes referred to as a “group home,” we provide homes licensed for foster care. Our services are individualized and based on the specifics needs of the person, and rates are determined accordingly.

In-home Family Support

In-home family support is for people who cannot live in their home without outside assistance. These habilitation services are provided in the person’s residence and in their community, and should aim to increase their physical, intellectual, emotional and social functioning.

Independent Living Skills Training

ILS training is direct training from a staff person to build certain skills. These can include:

• Communication skills
• Community living and mobility
• Interpersonal skills
• Reduction or elimination of maladaptive behavior
• Self-care
• Sensory and motor development involved in acquiring functional skills.

Individualized Housing Options (IHO)

Individualized Housing Options (IHO) allows people with varying types of disabilities to live in the community with individual specific support. What this creates is a unique support that is fully developed by the individual and their team.

Personal Support

Personal support refers to services provided in the person’s home or community. The goal of this support to help the person achieve their full potential, often by increasing their independence and helping them meet community and socialization goals.

Respite Care (in-home or out-of-home)

This short-term care solution provides a full-time caregiver relief. The care can take place either in the person's own home or outside.

Adult Companion Services

For adults 18+, this care non-medical and often involves supervision and socialization. Adult companion services cover services that help a person work toward a therapeutic or community integration goal in his or her support plan.


Homemaking services help someone manage general cleaning and household activities. We offer three homemaker services:

• Cleaning
• Home management
• Assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs).

Night Supervision

We provide overnight assistance and monitoring by an awake staff member in the person’s own home.