Josh’s Place was founded by twin sisters whose brother Josh had developmental disabilities. They grew up knowing that their brother was special and unique in ways that no other brother could replicate. They loved spending time with Josh on their family farm and looked up to him as they learned to navigate life. Josh passed away in 2009 and has left a legacy for his sisters to fulfill. After becoming parents themselves the sisters started to understand how difficult it must have been for their parents to find the right services which fit Josh’s individual needs. They view their services through a sibling, parent and provider lens. It is important for them to understand the dynamics of each and every person and family, so their services have the greatest positive impact for each individual. It is important to understand the dynamics of each person and family because only then can services have the greatest positive purpose and impact.


The Josh’s Place values of: dream, grow, celebrate, inspire and laugh were developed as pivotal points during an individuals journey towards dreams and goals. The JP values are points within our person-centered services. The person-centered planning and journey is never complete; so, we do check-ins while talking with the individual and their team if things have changed. This involves intentional questions to find out the dreams the VIP has and goals to support the development of growth and independence in those areas.