New Year, New Goals

As 2018 came to a close, and the beginning of another new year, we like to take our time and reflect on all that Josh’s Place has done. Josh’s Place had many firsts, including our very first social media campaign supporting Jack’s Basket. As a part of Josh’s Place Gives Back, all proceeds from the campaign went to support Jack’s Basket, a Minnesota local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The campaign, which grossed over 1,000 likes, comments and shares, allowed us to donate $1,000.00 to Jacks Basket.

If you would like to support Jack’s Basket, please visit Jack’s Basket’s website.

Meet Joshin, the first-of-its-kind disabilities care — in an easy app.

The founders of JP saw an unmet need for families with children with disabilities. They saw a lack of on-demand (think Uber) support for caregivers – so they did something about it and created Joshin! They crafted a creative solution using technology to capture qualified caregivers (Joshin calls them "Joymakers") in a time when there is a workforce shortage in a gig-economy.

With one app, find your care companion, schedule care dates and update your Joshin Care Plan. All from your phone.

Getting started with Joshin is easy!
1. Download the app, complete the contact form and we'll be in touch to schedule an In-Home Assessment. 

2. After the In-Home Assessment, your Joshin Care Plan* is created and you'll get matched with certified caregivers. 

3. Schedule your care dates in the app and get ready for fun! 

*The Joshin Care Plan is available to caregivers and the family (in real time!) in the Joshin app. 

Book a care date, update your Care Plan, connect to Joymakers and receive live updates while you're away!

Download Joshin today!

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Goodbye 2018 Hello 2019

2018 was a year to remember. From new social media campaigns, first company picnics, fundraising galas and executive hires, 2018 was an unforgettable year. We can’t wait to show you what we have planned for 2019, but we can’t tell you yet. You’ll just have to stay tuned!

In the meantime, let us revisit 2018!